Inglewood fires mayor’s $342,000-a-year assistant

An attorney for Melanie McDade-Dickens alleges Mayor James T. Butts Jr. ‘unleashed a reign of terror’ after she broke off their relationship

The city of Inglewood fired the mayor’s executive assistant, and purported former paramour, on New Year’s Eve, but officials say they cannot disclose why, according to an attorney representing the city.

Court filings allege Melanie McDade-Dickens, who made $342,000 in salary and benefits in 2018, was suspended in July for violating undisclosed city policies and for “potential” fraud related to her purchase of a home. A letter from her attorney described additional allegations including that she had city employees improperly alter her tax deductions and assist with home loan documents.

Mira Hashmall, an attorney for the city, confirmed the firing Monday. The city is not legally able to disclose the reason at this time, she said.

“I’m still limited in what I can say publicly,” Hashmall said. “Ms. McDade’s attorney has a very detailed account for the reasons why those decisions were made.”

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