Super Bowl 2020: Social Media Explodes After O.J. Simpson Included in Pre-Game Tribute

After the NFL included former running back O.J. Simpson in a pre-game tribute during Super Bowl LIV, social media exploded with reactions. He was recently named one of the 100 greatest players in the history of the game, but was absent during a ceremony that took place before the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Fox displayed his name and photo in a graphic that included Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Eric Dickerson and other legendary running backs.

Social media users quickly reacted to Simpson being included in the honor, with some saying he deserved it for his accomplishments on the field, but others said his off-the-field situations — like going to prison for kidnapping and armed robbery as well as his infamous murder trial acquittal — should be enough to keep him away from official NFL honors.

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