A New Black-Led News Network Is Here

An aptly timed news channel has officially launched. The Black News Channel (BNC) premiered in select markets on Monday, in the midst of Black History Month. The BNC is currently the only Black-led news network in the country. Programming on the BNC will focus on news, health and other topics from a Black American lens. The importance of Black-centric media cannot be overstated. Currently six corporations control the majority of the U.S. media—Disney, CBS, News Corp., Viacom, Time Warner and Comcast. The lack of diverse ownership of these major corporations has been glaringly apparent. Multimillionaire Robert Iger and billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, and Brian L. Roberts own and control these major corporations, with many arguing that the apparent lack of diversity among media ownership has had deleterious effects on our society. Although the number of television watchers has declined over the last few years, Pew Research Center reports that television is still currently the most common place for Americans to get their news. Television continues to play a critical role in sha

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