LA Clippers New Inglewood Arena Could Break Ground in August

Inglewood Live

The Clippers are ready to move into Inglewood, and it looks like Inglewood is ready for them.

According to a report from Arash Markazi, the Mayor of Inglewood is hoping to have the Clippers’ new arena break ground in August.

“We hope to have them break ground before the end of August for the venue to be open for the first season in 2024,” Mayor James Butts said. “The Clippers arena will be done in time for the 2024-25 NBA season.”

Both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have player contracts for the 2024-25 season. In an ideal world for the Clippers, they’ll go into their new arena with their two marquee players that could hopefully win the franchise a championship before then.

The Clippers moved into Staples Center in 1999. There have been many losing season for the team, but they’ve found themselves with a new identity since 2011. In the last three seasons alone, the Clippers are ranked third overall in terms of the most regular-season and playoff wins combined. They may not have won the ultimate prize, but the Clippers are no longer the “worst franchise in the history of sports”. In fact, it’s hard to even call them a losing franchise anymore. 

Hopefully, the arrival into a new arena will mark the beginning of a new era for the Clippers. One where the losing ways of the past will be left behind.

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